Letter: Clearing up misconceptions on Race Reconciliation

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I, Jerome Alford, was invited to be a participant of the Race Reconciliation group and attended the first meeting at LaGrange College and truly enjoyed what I agreed to participate in. The discussions on race relationships in Troup County produced views I had never thought of before from both sides.

I feel that the Race Reconciliation group is so important that it’s a must to continue the success of the growth in Troup County. If you ask me why I am writing this letter, the answer is in a recent article found in the LaGrange Daily News written by Mrs. Ellen Gilmore, my name, “Mr. Jerome Alford,” was used and what was stated was not true.

The truth is that Mr. Ricky Wolfe made the biggest contribution of anyone who contributed to my campaign for chairman of the Board of Commissioners, I only asked him once, not numerous times as stated by Mrs. Gilmore. I do not share in the views expressed in the article written by Mrs. Gilmore.

I take pride in myself for running a very clean race, I had a meeting with Chairman Patrick Crews and we agreed to run a clean race, and we did. I am concerned with the betterment of Troup County, and the only way I see that happening is that we learn to respect each other.

I don’t feel that we are doing that at all. In all fairness, it’s not only about the black and white race, it’s about the human race.

I will continue to work with anyone who wants Troup County to be the best it can be for all people. I refuse to get caught up in political hatred; I don’t judge a person for what he or she believes, only for the actions they take because of those beliefs.

So to all that read the article from Mrs. Gilmore, know that if you use my name, let it be the truth and I will stand with you for what is right.

Also, I will continue to be a participant in the Race Reconciliation group as long its purpose is to bring Troup County citizens together. I would like to thank Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Epps and other leaders for their efforts in trying to move forward on the issue of race, I ask that others join in and bring their views to the table to help move Troup County forward for all people.

As long as we keep identifying ourselves as “THE WHITE MAN and THE BLACK MAN” we will never get to point of knowing that a GOOD MAN or a BAD MAN can be of any RACE. RESPECT is the key.

Jerome Alford

Chairman, Troup County Democratic Committee