Letter: Support Mosa Fund to fix cats

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 24, 2015


Dear editor:

This is to the residents of Troup County, who for the past six years have generously supported the Mosa Fund. We are now asking you to open your heart and your pocketbook to help us once again.

Our costs for a year are $1,000 per month in which we fix 21 cats with two veterinarians. A generous benefactor has given us $6,000, so we are out to raise the other $6,000 to ensure we can meet our goal ($12,000) for the next year.

To date, we’ve fixed 1,091 cats in Troup County. Most of them are strays who have wandered up to a home and were taken in by people on limited incomes.

Every week I have owners cry when I promise them we’ll get their cat/cats fixed and give each a rabies shot. They love their pets, but cannot support litter after litter of kittens.


Although we’re a small nonprofit 501c3 group going into our sixth year, we ARE making an impact in Troup County. That 1,091 cats fixed translates into 10,910 unwanted kittens we have prevented in Troup County. We are the ONLY organization that does this, and it is the root of the problem of the thousands of stray cats in Troup County.

Please show us that you believe in our work by sending us a monetary donation. It is tax deductible. Also, if one wishes to donate quality cat food, call Nancy Yates at 706-884-3178 for pickup.

This helps our two volunteers who feed over 120 wild cats each night. These cats are caught and fixed and put back into their habitat.

To get a cat fixed, call Nancy Yates at 706-884-3167 between 7:30-9:30 at night.

Nancy Yates, founder

Donations may be sent to:

P. O. Box 800370

LaGrange, GA 30240