Letter: Social, elitist problem; not a racial problem, pt. 2

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 15, 2015


There has been a lot written recently about Ricky Wolfe and Carl Von Epps trying to create some kind of a serious racial divide in our community.

Edna Foster (not the sweet black lady who is the director at CAFI), and Mr.Von Epps recently wrote letters to the editor praising Ricky Wolfe for his concern about his perceived problem.

Mr. Von Epps was critical of anyone who was concerned about the validity of this plan/scheme. Mrs. Foster just wrote another letter to the LDN praising her liberal buddy for his “honesty.” What a joke!

I will only offer facts that clearly show what hypocrites Wolfe, McAlexander and their elitist friends are, and “honesty” ain’t part of their makeup.

Mrs. Foster and Mr. Von Epps conveniently left out many critical facts about these people who are trying to create a problem that does not exist.

Ricky Wolfe, Dan McAlexander, Jeff Lukken, Patrick Crews, Jeff Brown and Lou Dekmar formed a smear campaign committee to lie, slander and defame my wife Ellen Gilmore when she ran for county commissioner, Tommy Callaway and the dearly departed and highly respected wrestling coach Dariel Daniel. Dan McAlexander even wrote Tommy Callaway saying he was glad they did it because he felt the candidates had to be stopped.

None of these unethical elitist were candidates running against these three honorable people. These candidates for public office did not resort to their level of Chicago-style politics.

Then when Ricky addressed the LaGrange City Council he offered no specifics for his plan. To Councilman Nick Woodson’s credit, he asked specifics and got no answer. For that reason he was the only council member who voted “No.” I believe Mr. Woodson saw this as a “pig in a poke”? (Definition: Buying something sight unseen; usually resulting in buyers remorse.)

Probably the most telling and disgusting thing that took place was at the LaGrange City Council meeting when Dan McAlexander spoke and was attacking anyone who could be opposed to their plan/scheme. He said, and I quote, “there are people who are slurring and slandering Ricky Wolfe for his efforts.”

What audacity and unmitigated gall for a person who had recently joined with Ricky Wolfe to smear, lie and slander my wife, Mr. Callaway and Mr. Dariel Daniel. I understand Dan McAlexander is supposed to be the President of a Christian school.

Ricky, McAlexander, Drew Ferguson, Patrick Crews, Jeff Brown and Lou Dekmar contributed $15,200 of the over $30,000 that Ricky collected as CFO of their smear committee.

Fact: Most black folks and white folks in our community get along just fine, thank you. I have some black friends who tell me they have blacks in our community who they do not trust, or like. Does that make them racists ?

There are some white people in our community if I never see again it will be way too soon. There is a serious black-on-black crime problem and we were encouraged to see the black men and women take to the streets in their “Unity Marches.”

I didn’t see Ricky or Dan McAlexander pictured in either of the two “Unity Marches,” which is real action to what could be an effective and positive solution to a clearly defined problem — black-on-black crime. These black parents are not concerned about white folks committing crime in their neighborhoods.

Bill Gilmore

West Point