Letter: Social, elitist problem; not a racial problem, pt. 2

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The Troup County Republican Party held our 2013 County Convention at the Griggs Center, and one of the officers in the Troup Women Republican Party asked incredulously, “Why do we have to have our convention here ?”

The reason was we needed to find a location as the State GOP states by rule all County Conventions have to start promptly at 9 a.m. The LaGrange Library does not open on Saturdays until 10.

Mr. Greg Hall and his staff even got there early to accommodate us. There is not a finer man in all of Troup County than Greg Hall. He has become a dear friend to Ellen and me.

He and Boss, Mitch, Clayton and Kenny do a marvelous job mentoring the young black children who need a father figure. If you have never visited the Griggs Center, which is in the heart of our black community, I would strongly recommend you go by one day.

You will be blessed and find it a rewarding experience to see what a fine job these men do working with the black children in our community. With both love and discipline

The new publisher of the LDN, who had only been living here for 90 days, wrote a long, glowing opinion piece on this so-called racial reconciliation plan.

He stated he knew people who wanted this plan to fail. I do not know of anyone personally who “wants” it to fail. What fiscal conservatives I know have said is:

They vehemently are opposed to Ricky going to all the city councils and pleading for hard-working taxpayers’ money. If Ricky can get over $30,000 from 15 of his elitist friends to lie, smear and slander good people, surely he can get $150,000 from the 160 he is going to put on his wonderful racial committee.

Truth be known, with Ricky’s personal wealth he could probably write a check himself — but then that is not what guilt-ridden liberals do.

If anyone wants to see a real “racial divide” go out to the all lily-white Highland County Club. You will not see the first black face as a member.

The fact is that we have a bunch of hard-working, everyday folks who judge a person on the content of their character — both black and white.

The only problem we have is an oligarchy made up of guilt-ridden, white liberals.

By the way, to this day none of the 16 people have ever said they regretted, or were sorry for their unethical actions and apologized to the ones they smeared and lied about.

If anyone mentioned in my letter, or anybody else wants to discuss the validity of my writing feel free to call me. I would welcome the call.

Respectively submitted,

Bill Gilmore

West Point