Letter: Response to comment by “ Concern” from article on Emmiko Ogletree

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I would like to reply in regards to the citizen stating that the Tobias Ogletree’s murder has been placed on the back burner from an article ran on Oct. 24, 2015.

During the early morning hours of Aug. 30, 2015, the LaGrange Police Department responded to 1014 Hogansville Road, Good Times Bar, regarding the shooting of Tobias Ogletree. Upon arriving at the scene, officers attempted to locate potential witnesses, collect evidence and also attend to the victim.

Officers spoke with 13 people at the scene to include the employees. During these interviews only one person provided a description of a possible person of interest. Everyone else that was interviewed on the scene said they could not provide any information that would assist in this investigation.

No other patrons came forward to assist in seeking justice for this crime.

Officers responded to West Georgia Health Systems emergency room as well. While at the hospital, officers attempted to speak with any potential witnesses out of the multitude of subjects there regarding this incident. Other than certain family members no one at the location wanted to speak with detectives regarding any information they may have had.

After obtaining video from the owners of Good Times, the Criminal Investigation Section was able to determine there were approximately 100 or more people inside the location when the shooting occurred. After several days of reviewing the video with the help of other officers, we were able to identify some of the patrons seen running from the location at the time of the shooting.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Section then had to obtain addresses and went to interview these known subjects. After speaking with these known subjects other names were learned as also being patrons at the club the date this incident occurred, none of which came forward to talk with officers. In total the Criminal Investigation Section spoke with an additional 41 different subjects.

Out these subjects some investigative leads have been obtained. The case is still active and the investigation is still open. Long hours have been put into this investigation.

The LaGrange Police Department is committed to providing the very best service to the citizens of LaGrange. We perform our job to the best of our abilities. However, the police department also depends on our citizens to cooperate and assist in investigations to ensure prosecutions into criminal matters.

I am sure that out of the 100 plus patrons inside the establishment there are several subjects that witnessed this incident or have further information. I would like to urge anyone with information to this incident to contact me at 706-883-2633. The LaGrange Police Department can do its job more efficiently when the citizens also take a stand against crime in their community.

Senior Detective 1st Class Jeremey Jones

LaGrange Police Department