Letter: Bill Conine, fisher of men

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 23, 2015


I’ve just witnessed a huge celebration for the life and ministry of Bill Conine, the fisherman.

Bill designed much of his own magnificent fishing tackle. He LOVED to fish. I think God also gave him the tackle for the fishing of men: wit, wisdom, a sense of joy and fun and his greatest gift — love!

A church with standing room only on Sunday afternoon was witness to that love. His talent as a teacher was well known in the pulpit and perhaps on the water.

His frequent invitations to get into that boat brought him “up close and personal” with many of his flock. He also caught some fish on land in his preaching and teaching his fascinating Bible class.

During his 15 years at First Presbyterian Church, he has sowed so much love in that congregation that it became a family. He was the glue that stuck them all together and called them to discipleship.

He will be sorely missed but his love lingers among us. We are grateful for the life of our friend and pastor, Bill Conine.

Edna Foster