Published 12:00 am Friday, December 11, 2015

Public Safety Reports

Staff report

Two people were charged with obstruction and striking a fixture after allegedly lying to police about crashing a car early Thursday morning.

An officer was checking around Ridley and Cox avenues after a call shortly before 4 a.m. of two people arguing who may have wrecked. He came across a pair walking around Thomas and Easy streets and the man was holding a gas can.

The officer asked if they needed help and the man replied that they had run out of gas and were walking to a nearby station. He declined the officer’s offer to assist them and continued to walk.

The officer went to look for their vehicle and found the car about 40 feet off the road on Thomas Street, where it had apparently jumped the curb and struck a power pole. He said there were beer cans on the ground around the vehicle.

The officer went back and found the man and woman in the parking lot of Fryer’s Tire on New Franklin Road and confronted them about leaving an accident without reporting it. They denied driving the vehicle, but then started to give conflicting stories and the officer noticed that the woman appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

The person whom the couple claimed was driving said the man had left his home in the car and crashed shortly after.

The two were arrested and when the officer checked the name and information the man gave him, he found the photo did not match. The man claimed it was an old picture and he had lost weight, but later admitted to lying about his name because he thought he had outstanding warrants for child support.

The officer said there were no warrants, but the man was charged with obstruction for lying about his name. The woman was also charged for allegedly trying to cover up the man’s identity.

Man allegedly hit with piece of wood

A man allegedly hit another man with a piece of wood after the victim wouldn’t give him a ride Thursday evening.

The victim said that he arrived at his home on Hogansville Road and the man was waiting outside and asked for a lift to Pine Circle. When the victim refused, the man got upset and acted like he was going to hit the victim’s girlfriend, he reported to police.

The victim said he stepped toward the man, who punched him, so the victim fought back. The victim said the man then hit him with what he thought was a baseball bat, but another witness said appeared to be the wooden leg from a piece of furniture. The man then ran away with the victim initially chasing him.

Officers were unable to find the man at the address where he supposedly lived. The reporting officer advised them how to seek a warrant if they wanted to press charges.

All information in this report is gathered from official law enforcement and public safety reports and releases. It is the policy of the Daily News to list the names of people charged with felonies.

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