Letter: George Bailey would die of shock

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 14, 2015


Dear editor,

I just saw “It’s a Wonderful Life,” that great Christmas movie with Jimmy Stewart. It tells of an America that used to be and that can be again. It tells about a selfless country where the good guys are good guys because of their morality — not their bank accounts.

When George Bailey needs help, the entire town chips in to render assistance. They did not ask “what’s in it for me?” They knew only that a friend needed help.

This is a movie about an America unafraid to be exceptional and unapologetic about it! They were proud to be Americans because as a nation we stood for “right.” It was about a WWII America that proudly saved the world from despotism and did it unashamedly.

Our great nation is composed of wonderful people. People who want only the right to be all they can be through honest effort and sweat. WWII America did not expect government to solve all its problems. George Bailey’s problems were solved by a life of caring, sacrifice and hard work.

Was he a globalist — ashamed of being an American? I doubt it. He needed only a government that would stay out of the way and protect his rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

George Bailey has something to teach Americans of the 21st Century. Many good things have happened since 1945, but recently our nation has turned a corner.

What has happened to our country? The races are more divided than ever. Russia laughs at us openly. Our allies do not know whether they can trust or depend on us. We have ganged up on Israel as though it is the enemy. Our administration refers to ISIL rather than ISIS, which is an insult to Israel.

This has all come about because of a decision to “fundamentally change America.” George Bailey would die of shock. Improvement and refinement do not require fundamental change!

Our nation can be great again. We only have to begin thinking like Americans and not globalists. The United States is not the villain. This nation is a light for the world. Let’s start acting like it.

Ford McLain