Letter: Good ol’ boys try to snuff out questions

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 21, 2015


​The good ol’ boys with wealth and connections have spoken. The strong voice of the black community has been muted for now. It belongs to Deedee Williams.

She has courageously acted on behalf of the black community. She withstood the catcalls and hatred of some when she helped to integrate her high school. She was one of the first black students to graduate from LaGrange College and was honored as a distinguished alum. She ran for mayor of West Point and by official account lost by 26 votes.

This was not quite the percentage for an official investigation by an outside source. I am not convinced that she actually lost. If the mayor-elect could have the grace to allow such an outside investigation, it would go a long way toward racial harmony.

Not coincidentally, she has been stripped of her power as a member of the development committee. She had served in an unexpired term of a member and expected to be appointed as a regular member.

Not so! The power folks thought she asked entirely too many questions.

Were they afraid of the answers?

Perhaps some of the answers she did find were detrimental to a trusting relationship.

Questions and straight answers are good for democracy. Does she not have the rights of the First Amendment to state her case? This vindictive act probably will not sit well with the black community.

She is a bright light shining for the good of her people.

Please stop trying to extinguish that light. I don’t think it can be done!

Edna Foster