Letters: County lost a patriot in Ellen Gilmore

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 9, 2016

Troup County lost a patriot Tuesday. Not just a patriot, but an advocate, a friend to every resident, every man, woman and child in this county.

Ellen Gilmore worked tirelessly, passionately to make Troup County a better, more American place for all of us. Not everyone agreed with her, and I had my differences with her on occasion.

We butted heads a time or two, for danged sure. But we were of a like mind far more than we weren’t. And despite those differences, Ellen and Bill Gilmore STILL had my back when I was being victimized by the corrupt powers that be in Troup County.

Ellen’s fiery passion and zeal for good governance put her at odds with a number of powerful and corrupt people who abuse Troup County for their own self-serving ends. And they abused their power to knock Ellen down repeatedly.

Instead of giving up, Ellen Gilmore would just get back up, dust herself off, hold her head up high, pick up the sword and get back in the fight, with the same patriotic zeal and passion.

I wish I’d let Ellen know while she was with us, just how much respect and admiration I actually had for her. In all honesty, Ellen Gilmore had raw courage and is probably the strongest, most determined and, dang it, downright ornery woman I have ever known.

I’ll miss you Ellen, you were one of a kind. Troup County has suffered a very big loss.


Ron McClellan

West Point