Letter: Right side won’t win in connector spat

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday’s article (letter to the editor) in our LaGrange Daily News by Bill Wooten, whom I have never met, is excellent. It points out the facts we all know.

Progress doesn’t start with the most logical, the one of most benefit to the general public. It cant win against the powerful self interests whether they be a family, a foundation or a developer. Money and influence wins and will eventually win this one. Mr Wooten is right, but will not win. W is on the wrong end of the alphabet to win this one.

Of course we must say, because we do believe, that the winner will be the ones who have been marvelous benefactors of LaGrange, this area and throughout the state of Georgia. They have rebuilt the town starting from Boyd Park south to the old fire station area.

Next, maybe, will be the new hotel and more importantly, the parking deck to benefit the Baptist church and the mass of people who will come to the hotel instead of staying at the numerous motels close to the Interstate. This foundation has the interest of LaGrange at heart and we do appreciate it.

Someone once told me they must give large sums from the foundation each year, and fortunately they did decide to do it here at home.

So they will win. I am not a betting man, but if there was anyone that thinks they will not win, I would be glad to place a wager on the other side.

Here at Vernon Woods, those of us who can still think about the future don’t like the prospect of the massive traffic this project would cause right in our area. We know that if we live long enough it will happen.

The wrong side will win. Maybe it will take long enough for most of us to be spared. Money and position wins every time. But there is a possible good thing that will come out of this controversy.

Maybe the way and the process of actions by our elected officials will change. The light has exposed how this got started and how it proceeded.

We saw from our vantage point the work that was done and the taxpayer money that was spent to do some of the preliminary surveys and work started before the deal was exposed. A logging road? There are some of us who didn’t come to town on the back of the truck with the melons.

Maybe, just maybe, that will change. But If I was a betting man, I would place my bet on the other side.

Money talks.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Jones

Vernon Woods