Letter: Winners and losers in road deal

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We knew it would happen.

In fact it was certain well before it came to light. We saw the costly work that was doe at taxpayer expense by our city government at the start. It was confirmed by the mayor at last night’s (Tuesday, Feb. 2) Hollis Hand school meeting.

Since it’s a done deal, let’s hope there will be an open process on future similar or other projects that should have the public in the know before its cut and dried.

Now that its done my hat is off to the negotiating team that won this deal.

Anyone familiar with big bucks negotiating of contracts would marvel at the outcome of this deal.

The winners got:

1. A $4.5 million road which will be maintained with taxpayers’ money forever.

2. The opening up of a property that will provide high dollar opportunities in selling individual lots or even someday commercial property.

3. The adoration and profuse thanks from the residents that don’t have a clue as to how this happened.

For the losers:

1. The roadway! Wow.

2. A $2 million contribution. Wow.

I just hope the lead team of the winners also get something they deserve — a huge bonus with the main leader getting a Rolls (Royce) or at least something equivalent.


Fred Jones

Vernon Woods

Editor’s note: Clarifications added in parenthesis.