Letter: The rape of Vernon Woods Drive​

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 15, 2016


I am one who has experienced the beauty of Vernon Woods Drive since I moved here nine years ago — first seven in Buckeye Creek. It is for me a “pearl of great price.”

As I turn from busy Vernon Street there is a feeling of peace. I see the stately line of Australian pines, then a wooded area on my right.

On the left I spot the pond and the little putting green. Up the hill we see our handsome building. We residents enjoy ambling about.

With an enhanced road, heavier traffic will flow beside Vernon Woods and essentially crush that “pearl.” We have never been consulted and it vitally effects our lives. We do not like being ignored.

We watched as the area was cleared; then reseeded. We were dismayed to find plans for this connector were virtually complete.

We do not think a traffic study has been obtained to best place such a corridor. We feel that the offer of the free right of way and considerable cash is nothing less than a bribe.

These decisions must be made wisely with input from all concerned citizens. Could we have an open and public hearing including us and the citizens from the Country Club Road area?

There is great distrust of most government at this time, especially when decisions are made so quietly. We thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Mayor.

Edna Foster