Letter: Presidential process is embarrassing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Dear editor,

I’ve lived in LaGrange for 33 years and I’ve known I’m sitting in the middle of ultra conservative, Republican territory. This has never been intimidating. However, things have gotten so bizarre in our American political presidential process right now, I feel compelled to react.

It breaks my heart; it’s embarrassing; it leaves me nearly speechless. Surely there has to be a better way of selecting our president!

I wonder what people in other parts of the world think of our presidential election process? I have relatives living at this time in two countries outside the U.S. Their reactions are unbelievable — and they are more conservative than I.

Their question: How on earth could a billionaire, boorish, bullying buffoon with no governmental experience be leading in the polls of his party? He’s looking Benito Mussolini-ish, strutting around with that exaggerated pout and acting Adolf Hitler-ish with inciting and condoning ridiculous protesting behavior and prompting an outstretched arm, pledging allegiance to him!

Regardless of the cleverness of “spin doctors,” this unsettling situation has to be directly addressed. And maneuvering now so that there could be a “brokered convention” may be too little, too late and a disaster for all concerned.

And, by the way, offering simplistic differences will never be a solution. Something has to be done! It’s frightening!

Lord, have mercy on us all!

James F. Nelson