Letter: Williams should have succeeded Ferguson as mayor

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 23, 2016


What will it take to get Deedee into the position she should rightfully fill? She ran against Drew Ferguson for mayor of West Point. Drew won by 26 votes.

After his election, Drew decided to resign. Deedee had qualified and run a good campaign, coming within a breath of her opponent.

It is completely incomprehensible to me why she didn’t become mayor! Why are we now addressing Mr.Trammel as mayor?

He posted no qualifying fee and did not run for the office. She should have become mayor or another election should be held.

If the power folks insist on going against the will of the people and appointing a person mayor pro tem before this election, he must be called just that.

There were some irregularities in the voting, which had been reported but never investigated. Perhaps Deedee would have won outright.

Is racism still rampant so that a black citizen cannot expect fairness at the polls?

I have been in this woman’s corner since she first ran for public office. She was voted an outstanding alum of LaGrange College, has held high positions in the HR field and in the investment business. She is eminently qualified for the office of mayor of West Point.

Let’s do the will of the people and see that Deedee is made Mayor Williams!

Edna Foster