Letter: Davis, Creel situation deserves more scrutiny

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It seems to me that there are only a handful of people that are following this story and actually understand the ramifications of what is going on. I’m not schooled in politics, but I can definitely say that the (county commission candidate Lewis) Davis/(elections board member Jason) Creel situation should be looked at very closely.

I have no personal vendetta against Mr. Davis or Mr. Creel, they could be Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones as far as I am concerned. I just feel that rules are rules, and they should be followed.

Remember elementary school days? When you had to walk in a straight line, and if you didn’t, there were consequences. Sometimes the whole class suffered because of one or two — or a few — students that didn’t follow the rules, and got out of line?

Fast forward to adulthood, even though some forgot those rules and consequences, the majority of the “class” still follows the rules. Obviously, a few have forgotten how to follow the rules. The rest of us will suffer the consequences of a few unruly students if no one “in the line” puts them back in the line. Why should we be punished for the few that cross the line?

Mr. Creel has publicly supported Mr. Davis, which would be fine and dandy if he wasn’t sworn to be impartial to any candidate. In elementary school terms, “NO FAIR!”

I have seen a lot of social media buzz on this, and I am very surprised that:

1. There is so much lack of interest.

2. Anyone who questions this is being ostracized.

3. No one really pays serious attention to what is happening.

4. Everyone that knows about this just turns the other cheek.

The theme here seems to be that no one really cares.

Be involved, educated and vote you may not think it has anything to do with you, or that this debacle affects your life, but it really does.

The power is with the voting people, not a few men and women that think they own the right to own the town and the county.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Kazmi


Editor’s note: Clarifications added in parenthesis.