Letter: School system’s answer not valid

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Editor’s note: The following letter is a response to answers given by Troup County School System after Michael Ellis wrote a letter to the editor raising concerns of children needing to travel up to 1.2 miles to a bus stop because the school system is not sending a bus down Robert Taylor Road while road work is being done.

Jeff Turner, director of transportation for Troup County schools, said that buses cannot get down Robert Taylor Road and safely turn around while the construction is ongoing, necessitating students be transported to the common bus stop point. He said staff checked the area and couldn’t find a suitable spot to turnaround, and were concerned using a private driveway repeatedly would create too much risk of property damage.

The following is Mr. Ellis’ rebuttal:

As for Mr. Turner’s response, I take that as a very poor excuse.

If an 18-wheeler hauling a huge excavator can turn up my driveway and then back out to go back up Robert Taylor Road — also multiple large dump trailers do the same — I’m sure a school bus could turn around.

How is a bus making a three-point turn in the intersection of Cannonville Road and Robert Taylor Road in the middle of traffic a safe option?

My wife has observed several near misses at the intersection with the buses.

Michael Ellis

West Point