Letter: Officials need to take another look at connector

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 18, 2016


Hope springs eternal,

LaGrange has fine city officials and experienced and trained paid employees in critical positions. This is also true of the Troup County commissioners.


Now is the time for our leaders to put politics aside and do what will best serve the public not the vested interests with influence and finances available to get their wishes for eventual gain.

The road project connecting Vernon Woods to Country Club Road is the present example. This project is not needed and will only benefit those who have interests and can exert their power to their advantage. Sometimes legal can be corrupt and wrong.

Hope says our officials will take another look at solving the Vernon Road problem. Traffic is getting worse by the day. Vernon could easily be made four lane into LaGrange with just a bit taken on the left side going in. This suggestion is not new, but it has been blocked in the past by those who now wish to have their way, which is not the best way for the people.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Jones

Resident, Vernon Woods