Letter from your tax commissioner

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 28, 2016


Citizens of Troup County as you all know this is an election year.

On May 2 early voting begins and election day is on May 24. Locally, we have several contested constitutional office positions. That of the sheriff, the other being the tax commissioner, of which I have had the honor of serving for the past 15 ½ years.

I chose to not run for a fifth term. I feel it’s time for new blood and new creative insight. Your tax office is a highly complex office, and one I am proud to say is run with a well-trained staff. It provides great customer service and has always been fiscally responsible. I only want the best of the three candidates running to continue with the positive direction that now exist in your Tax Office.

The tax office is a constitutional office established by the Georgia Constitution. Its responsibilities are many to the citizens, state, county and schools. A fiduciary duty performed by the tax commissioner and his or her staff.

That said, one of the candidates is saying he performed the duties of the tax commissioner for three years. This candidate has never worked with me or the tax office in performing any of my constitutional duties.

As tax commissioner, I am glad we have people running for the tax commissioner’s position, but for a candidate to speak and write false statements is disappointing and speaks of their lack of integrity.

Vote as you are led, but don’t let false statements cloud your decision. Vote for character, honesty and respectability. That is why I am supporting Bill Hunnicutt, a candidate who took the time to actually come into the office to work and learn the process and procedures necessary to serve as your tax commissioner.

I am confident he will keep moving your Tax Office in a positive direction for all the citizens of Troup County.

Gary S. Wood

Troup County Tax Commissioner


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