Letter: Should seniors be required to pay school tax?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The other day I received our tax assessment and I was shocked to find out that 2/3 of my tax bill went to Troup County schools.

Maybe it was that way before, but now that my husband and I are living only on Social Security, I’m much more aware of where our money goes. The school portion of my tax bill is almost the amount of my Social Security check, plus then I have the county part to also pay which will almost use up my husband’s check. It will leave us with about $300 to live on for the month that we pay our tax bill.

Of course, I will be saving as much money as I can to help pay the tax bill, but I wonder if anyone on the school board would like to try to buy food, pay utilities, pay our church pledge, pay for life insurance, Medicare secondary insurance, nursing home insurance, car insurance and dental insurance on what we make. I’ll clue you in — it is difficult.

In Cobb County — my daughter’s in-laws live there — the seniors don’t pay any school tax, only the county portion. We don’t have any children in Troup County schools and have never had any. We also don’t have any grandchildren in the school system, so we are not benefiting from any of the money that we are assessed.

Please, school board members, look at your budget carefully and see where money can be saved so that you can reduce the school tax for seniors. Thank you.

Sally Sue Bradley