Letter: Who’s really showing ‘lack of integrity’?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Never having submitted an editorial, always preferring to distance myself from the messy business of politics, now I must comment.

Conducting the routine business necessary at the tax office over 15 years, I have come to know Tax Commissioner Gary Wood. He has always been pleasant, helpful and professional.

However, for Mr. Wood to publicly endorse a tax commissioner candidate via the newspaper I find offensive. Mr. Wood’s comments of “lack of integrity,” etc. toward other candidates is inappropriate and inaccurate.

I am disappointed in Mr. Wood.

Let me explain. Mr. Wood once complained that a large portion of the tax office had been transferred to the sheriff’s department. Asking how this had come about, he explained under general law, real-estate tax functions may be administered by the county sheriff’s office. He went on to explain the action had depleted his staff and a portion of his budget.

These facts are significant as they explain how someone in the sheriff’s office who supervised this area of the tax function could easily and correctly claim familiarity and “hands on” experience with the tax office.

Mr. Wood knows this, yet uses words of “dishonesty,” “lack of integrity” and “false statements” that someone out of his office space could know the tax commissioner’s job. So I ask you, Mr. Wood, who is dishonest, shows a lack of integrity and is making false statements?

At best, your comments do not reflect an accurate account of how such claims could be true.

Mark Gamble

Pine Mountain