Letter: Lewis Davis will better represent District 3

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 6, 2016


Dear editor,

This election season we will select a county commissioner for District 3. Last term, I voted for Mr. Foster. I believed he was sincere when he said he was a man for the people.

After he was elected, a dangerous situation began in south Troup County. One of LDN’s former journalists wrote an article about it. Kia became smoke free. Employees of Kia and suppliers began parking along the streets of our neighborhoods at all hours, leaving behind cigarette butts and garbage. They congregated under the bridge, sat on the streets and parked on our lawns.

I begged Mr. Foster for help. After months of my own letter writing, photo taking and complaining to my commissioner he did nothing to help fix the problem and just complained about it on social media. The city council of West Point designated the area as a no parking or loitering area, but it only encompassed land within city limits.

After the city’s action, I was contacted by Mr. Tod Tentler (county manager) of Troup County and invited to a meeting with county officials, including Mr. (Ricky) Wolfe (then county commission chairman), Sheriff Woodruff and Mr. (James) Emery (county engineer).

We discussed information I’d gathered. Solutions were presented and promptly put into effect. The littering has been substantially reduced and the loitering is almost nonexistent now.

This was resolved without the assistance of the commissioner that represented the area because he was sick of hearing about it.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Lewis Davis and helping with his campaign. I’ve met several people that have known him for decades. Everything I’ve learned about Mr. Davis has been confirmed by the people that have known him and his family for decades.

My main concern for rural Troup County is that the integrity of rural Troup County is protected. I understand that economic development is of vital importance to us all, but it must be achieved in a way that is smart and well thought out to protect our communities, following our comprehensive plan. This is one of Mr. Davis’ concern also.

Mr. Davis is a professional businessman. He is determined to build relationships within the commission so that our needs in District 3 will be supported by other commissioners. He is eager to hear from anyone who has concerns about our community.

To all my friends and neighbors in District 3, please take a look at what we’ve had representing us and then get to know Mr. Davis.

We need a commissioner that will represent us with honor and dignity. We need a commissioner that is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve only the best things for our community. We need a commissioner that will earn the respect and support from the rest of the county commission to achieve those things. We need a commissioner who won’t get sick and tired of hearing from us.

Lewis Davis is just the man.

Respectfully submitted,

Trish Schramm

West Point

Editor’s note: Clarifications added in parenthesis.