Letter: Tripp Foster represents constituents with passion

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 6, 2016


My name is Staci Foster and I am the wife of Troup County Commissioner District 3 Tripp Foster. I would like to take the opportunity to ask for your support by voting for Tripp in the primary on May 24 and clarify/dispute a statement made by his opponent, Lewis Davis.

In a campaign letter recently mailed to registered voters in District 3, the following statement was shown as a quote from Mr. Davis:

“I feel the incumbent commissioner for our district has had a tough time working with others on the commission and in the community, which has caused gridlock. I don’t want to see our district suffer because of personality conflicts!”

I realize this is only an opinion, but it could be misleading to those not familiar with the Board of Commissioners. First, let me explain in simple terms: The B.O.C. consists of four commissioners and one chairman. There is a total of five possible votes on any issue. The chairman does not vote unless there is a tie vote and his vote is then used as a tie breaker to pass/deny the issue up for vote. The definition of gridlock is “any situation in which nothing can move forward or proceed in any direction.”

With this information given, it would be mathematically impossible for “gridlock” to occur, and Mr. Davis’ opinion would be false.

Second, in response to “personality conflicts,” I would most definitely agree with him. Without the personality — fortitude, guts — required for one to take a stance on any given issue as representing the citizens’ view — as opposed to a personal opinion — there would be no voice of the people.

This scenario could only result in a select group having the power to control those issues according to an agenda not of the people.

Tripp Foster has the fortitude to ask questions — when others remain silent — and call the issue what it is — right or wrong.

It does not matter the color of your skin, the clothes you wear or where you live. He will stand with you, even if doesn’t like you.

If you are afraid to stand against an issue, he will stand alone for you!

I know he has a heart and a love for all people that cannot be understood by most. He is passionate in his support of any cause.

He has not fundraised to promote his campaign and has received very few donations in this campaign or the previous one.

He is not in this position for money or personal gain. Tripp wants to stand for the people and serve the people.

If you are curious as to the supporters of Tripp’s opponent, you can probably see the information posted on Facebook or the website for campaign contributions.

You might realize there is a hidden agenda behind this candidate as this is his third time for seeking election.

Please call me if I can answer any questions about Tripp. I do not Facebook or tweet. Sorry.


Staci Foster