Letter: We need continued progress

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 6, 2016


As a longtime citizen of Troup County, I have seen and been involved in many changes over the years.

I served as school teacher, principal of Troup High School and superintendent of the school system. My goal and passion has always been for the education of our children and the improvement of Troup County.

This is further demonstrated by my service on many boards including West Georgia Health systems with a desire to help improve our medical facilities for the citizens of Troup County and surrounding areas.

Saying this is only to express my concern for Troup County in all its endeavors. That is why I support Bill Hunnicutt for tax commissioner to take the place of Gary Wood.

We have a great tax office, and I believe Bill Hunnicutt will continue the great work to advance the tax office and serve the taxpayers for many years to come.

Otis J. Abernathy