Teachers, parents feeling frustration with school system

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Letter: Teachers, parents feeling frustration with school system


Dear editor and community,

The letter I sent to LDN a couple of weeks ago has stirred no response from anyone in any level of administration at TCSS.

They simply feel that they are above having to make any explanations to anyone. As they sit in silence, our once excellent school system falls apart, our students are destroyed and I don’t believe that those words are an exaggeration!

I go into schools regularly. I talk with and attempt to help students with curriculum content. That last one is very difficult, as I am not Common Core brainwashed.

I talk to parents from all socioeconomic levels, and I know their frustration and feelings of helplessness. They also missed the Common Core Kool-Aid, and since there are no books to use to help their children, many have given up.

I have not heard this statement from any of the parents, but there is practically no parental support in any of the schools as far as discipline is concerned, and I have come to believe that is largely a result of the frustration felt. I think the common attitude is, “You (schools) know so much about what to do with my child, you handle it!”

Most unfortunately, that falls, yet again, on our harassed teachers!

Even as discipline referrals are disguised, so is the level of chaos during the school day. I don’t think the majority of parents really know how bad it is!

Our teachers are struggling to make it to the end of every school day without falling apart. I taught first grade for 33 years and loved it. I doubt I could make it through one year in our school system today. What a tragic state of affairs!

If we are going to have community forums set up by TCSS anytime, anywhere they can get a hearing — their words — in support of E-SPLOST, can we have one for the sake of the children?

Becky Grubbs