Letter: Never-ending lack of code enforcement

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 19, 2016


I have sent several emails and pictures to our mayor, District 1 council members, and the head of code enforcement to no avail concerning the city’s lack of enforcing codes currently on the books. I have also offered suggestions how to correct violations that exist within the city and the lack of proper management.

I have called the LaGrange Police Department to ask them to have autos ticketed that are continuously parked in “No Parking” zones and on yellow curbs. I was told that the LPD cannot dispatch officers; they told me to call 911. I have called 911 repeatedly, apologizing to them each time for troubling them with something that the LPD should be able to do.

Even so, the problem has gone on for years with no improvement. I suggested to our mayor and council to have our police chief assigned to patrol our streets eight hours a day issuing tickets to violators until the problem is history instead of allowing the police chief to be out of town so much moonlighting on utility customers’ dimes. Or, and this is probably the possible solution that they would pick, if any, simply paint over the yellow curbs with white paint and remove the “No Parking” signs.

I have also addressed many times the issue that Code Enforcement is not doing its job either. Political signs and other signs are everywhere on the right-of-ways in violation of current ordinances. Candidates are even instructed to not place their signs on the right-of-ways to no avail.

There are some signs that exceed allowed size limits. There are cases where there are too many signs on a property. But that’s okay; our city officials and code enforcement simply just turn their heads and look away.

Illegal banners are flying all over town. Grass in many yards and lots are waist high.

Since code enforcement obviously refuses to do their job, and city officials and managers obviously cannot manage, I have suggested to the mayor and council to eliminate the entire Code Enforcement Department and corresponding personnel and reduce utility rates by the same amount as saved by doing so.

Perhaps my letter will shame the city into taking some action, but I’ll not hold my breath. You should do likewise.

Tommy Callaway