Letter: Socialism just promotes fascism

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dear editor,

Why are college students across the country supporting Bernie Sanders and his commitment to socialism? What does this say about the education being provided by our colleges and universities? These students apparently have no awareness of fundamental economics or what socialism actually is. There is nothing that is “free.” Someone has to pay!

Socialism means greater control of business and commerce by government. That means increasing regulations and higher taxes which must result in a larger bureaucracy in order to implement and enforce those regulations. What does that produce? Larger and larger government.

Those who believe that is a good thing are suffering under a strange delusion. If we believe that Medicare, social security and the post office are well run and efficient organizations, I suppose that bigger government is an OK thing. History and experience tell a different story. And, let’s not even talk about the efficiency of the Veteran’s Administration.

Take a look at what socialism has done to Venezuela. With all its natural resources it has become an economic and social basket case. Socialism and dictatorship seem to have gone hand in hand there and have resulted in an economy on the ropes. Socialism leads to fascism, which means government will be in charge of every aspect of our lives.

Look at the European Union. They have done all the things that progressives in America want to do — that is Obama, Hillary and Bernie. They want open borders and strong government control of every aspect of life. That is why the UK is trying to get out of the EU.

The main thrust of the EU is to eliminate competition. What has made America great? Competition. Why? Because competition fosters growth. It also rewards individual effort and responsibility.

The theory behind the EU is the same as the theory behind socialism. That the average person is too stupid to manage his own life. The average citizen must rely on an elite group of experts who are intellectually equipped to guide the lives of “the common folk.”

After World War II, Germany became an economic powerhouse. How did that happen? Its government began by eliminating all the government controls that had been established under Hitler — the ultimate socialist/fascist.

The German government significantly reduced regulations and promoted capitalism. In essence, it got government out of the way. The result was a thriving economy.

Socialism eliminates democracy. It puts our lives in the hands of an elite group of experts. Ultimately, it promotes dictatorship.

Ford McLain