Letter: What’s in a name? Not an A

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 13, 2016

Today was a beautiful day. It was a little cooler than it has been the last few days. Since my birthday is Friday, June 10, it was time for me to get my driver’s license renewed. I wasn’t sure if they were still located in the building on Dallis Street. There were plenty of signs for the Health Department and the Red Cross, but only one sign pointing to the DDS.

It wasn’t very crowded when I entered the room. I was invited to the desk right away. I showed her my birth certificate, my present driver’s license, my Social Security card and my rental lease.

On my birth certificate my name is spelled with two different spellings. Originally my mother spelled my name JoAnita, later she changed it to Jonita. The lady insisted that the correct spelling is the one with the A in it. I have never in my 78 years spelled my name with an A. My name is Jonita Frances Fenn. I have always spelled my name Jonita. Everyone calls me Jo.

She said she called Alabama and they told her it was originally spelled Jonita, with no A, and later came in and changed it to read Joanita, the opposite of what is the truth. I don’t believe she called. I think she lied.

They wanted to issue me a new driver’s license with he incorrect spelling of my name.

All of my documents have my name as Jonita. When I called Alabama, she calmly and efficiently told me what documents to send in. I do not intend to change my name.

She gave me an email address and I immediately filled it in and sent other documentation. It will cost me $57 to have this done because they would not believe a 78-year-old woman with gray hair.

It simply does not make any sense. I was very upset. I am not stupid, and I certainly know what my name is.

Jonita Fenn