Letter: Cathy Hunt’s firsthand experience would benefit school board

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

On Tuesday, July 26, the voters in School Board District 5 will have a chance to make a great impact on the future of education in Troup County. They will have an opportunity to positively shape the state of our school system by electing to our school board Cathy Sargent Hunt, who not only has a passion for the education of our young people, but also understands the unique dynamics of today’s classroom and learning environment.

Cathy Hunt is a retired teacher from the Troup County School System and among the best at instruction and motivating students. She has a firm and tested understanding of what it takes to help students learn. She also has a firm and tested understanding of the importance of maintaining a safe and orderly environment that is essential to learning for all students.

Because Cathy has firsthand experience in the classroom, she understands the importance of having strong support from building level administrators, central office administrators and most importantly from members of the Board of Education.

Cathy understands that the key to achievement is the interaction of students with quality teachers who love young people and love teaching. Like me and many other citizens of Troup County, Cathy is very concerned about the disturbing number of teachers leaving Troup County in search of a better teaching environment and support.

On July 26, the voters of District 5 have a rare chance to give our school board the advantage of “been there, done that” experience. They have an opportunity to provide our system, our teachers, our students and our parents with a voice from someone who truly knows the school environment and what must happen for learning to take place.

If you are an employee of the Troup County School System and live in District 5, you must get out and vote for Cathy Hunt. If you are a school system employee or have a child in Troup County schools and know anyone in District 5, you must encourage them to get out and vote for Cathy.

If you are a citizen of Troup County and are concerned about the state of public education in our county, you must make every effort you can to support Cathy Hunt. We must take advantage of the experienced perspective she has to offer our Board of Education.

Steve Cole

Former principal of LaGrange High School