Letter: Drew Ferguson an outsider?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 30, 2016

I have been receiving many beautifully printed brochures — slick, full color, some as lengthy as eight pages. We are told what an “outsider” Drew (Ferguson) is!

However he has performed mightily as an “insider” in this corner of the globe — LaGrange, West Point and the Valley (Ala.) area. He has formed an incredible web of power here, giving a thumbs up to those who would do his bidding!

Deedee Williams did not get that welcoming thumbs up when he vacated the office of mayor of West Point. Did he allow into his vacated seat the person who had the next highest number of votes? NO! Drew’s rules.

He saw to it that Deedee did not become mayor although she had almost won — only 26 votes away, or so the record shows. Some say she won. Ferguson seems to have his own way of writing the rules and those rules wrote Deedee out of the job that was rightly hers.

Instead, he handpicked a person who had not qualified or run for the office, Mayor “pro tem” (Steve ) Tramell. Is that who the citizens want for mayor or is that just another one of Drew’s rules?

How could he maneuver into the mayor’s office someone who had not qualified or run? Drew’s rules.

Deedee has not been afraid to challenge the status quo and ask questions. She is what West Point needs to do the job of mayor.

Drew may be running for Congress, but he has not relinquished any of his power to control his fiefdom of West Point. Drew’s rules.

The actions of the Council are completely in accord with Drew’s wishes. Is that how it should be? Drew’s rules?

Can we challenge the people of West Point to cry out to members of the council to right this injustice immediately? Set a reasonable date for a mayoral election in West Point! Not Drew’s rules!

Edna Foster

Vernon Woods

Editor’s note: Clarifications added in parenthesis.