Letter: Asbell adept at finding solutions, consensus

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 9, 2016

Having served as the executive director for Boys & Girls Clubs of West Georgia for the past four years, I had the privilege of working with John (Asbell, Board of Education District 5 candidate) on numerous community projects.

In each and every scenario, John demonstrated significant ability to build consensus. This ability was born from the fact that John was never tethered to preconceived notions or a single source solution.

With a desire and willingness to see and understand multiple perspectives, John has a listening ear and the ability to integrate various ideas and perspectives into a solution that is best for all concerned. Obviously, his most visible contribution discussed in regards to this race was his leadership in the development of THINC College and Career Academy.

I had the opportunity to spend many hours with John during this process. It was not an easy process. John led a team of community members, business leaders and educators from both public and private education.

This group came to the table with strong opinions and different motives for the school, but a desire to achieve success. This group was a microcosm that represented our entire community.

No conversations were perfect. Not everyone was always happy. There were many roadblocks along the way.

John never relented in the pursuit of what was best for the kids of this community. Tirelessly working to listen, strategize and move forward, he galvanized ideas and people into the product that is now producing real world ready kids. A

s the director of Boys & Girls Clubs, two of our club members took part in THINC Academy. Their experience there is unrivaled in terms of real world educational experience. They will head to college this fall, as first generation college students, but prepared for lifelong success.

John’s leadership in helping build THINC, along with the team and support he helped generate behind the concept, is helping propel our local youth to their full potential. As a potential school board member, John will bring these same traits that allow effective problem solving, consensus building and change management.

A person’s track record is most indicative of future effectiveness. John has a track record of effectiveness and will carry that effectiveness forward for the continued and multiplied benefit of Troup County’s students.

Bart McFadden

President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley