Letter: Real principles and values of Hillary

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A few days ago Larry Summerour wrote a column explaining why he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton, and unlike most conservatives I think he should. You see, I realize that the United States is a representative republic and as such, we have the responsibility to choose the candidate who can do the job and who best represents our principles and values. For Larry Summerour this candidate is Hillary Clinton.

He is telling us he wants a person who can look the bereaved families of the Benghazi tragedy in their eyes and tell them, “We’ll get the person who made that video …” knowing that the attack on the consulate was a terror attack and not caused by a demonstration that got out of hand. Hillary told her daughter and the president of Egypt on the day of the attack that it was perpetrated by terrorists.

His representative, Hillary, would certainly be honest, competent and familiar with government operations, right? Among the emails that were recovered during the FBI investigation they found over 100 that were classified as secret or top secret when she saved them to an unprotected private server.

She lied several times to the public and during testimony when she said she had never kept classified information on her private server. She knew the way the government operates well enough to know a government agency would never be allowed to indict a former secretary of state, so she wasn’t afraid of getting caught lying to congress or the FBI. After all, it worked for Bill didn’t it?

We were also told that she just wasn’t computer savvy. If the secretary of state isn’t sufficiently computer literate to know she should not risk the security of the United States by saving classified emails on the server in her basement, kitchen or the outhouse, she isn’t competent to do the job.

Hillary would also have the controlled temperament that would reflect Mr. Summerour’s. She would be able to handle the daily stress that comes with the job — like the time she threw a lamp at Bill when she was in the White House as first lady. She was controlled, but she missed him anyway. But then Hillary has kept her values for a long time. As a student, Hillary invited Saul Alinsky to talk to her class — he wrote the book “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to Satan, the first community organizer.

Since these are Mr. Summerour’s values and principles then I don’t see how he could vote for anyone else — he should vote for Hillary.

Mike Waller

Franklin (Troup County)