Dale Jackson’s medicinal marijuana proposal for the Republican Party

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 18, 2016

The following is the proposal Dale Jackson submitted to the Republican Party’s platform sub-committee on health care reform on July 11:

2016 RNC Platform Committee

Dear Platform Committee Members, My name is Dale Jackson from LaGrange Ga. and I’m the father of 8 year old Colin who is severely affected by autism. I’m also the 3rd District GAGOP Chairman and delegate to the 2016 RNC. I have traveled here to meet with you to ask for your consideration to include the language below in the 2016 RNC platform. I have personally seen amazing results with my son who is considered extremely low functioning autistic over the past year while treating him with Medical Cannabis Oil. I have went 8 years without being able to communicate with my son and while he still is unable to talk, he is learning how to communicate with his mother and I. Unfortunately, I have been forced as his father to break many laws while doing so just to obtain his medicine. I’ve never been arrested before and never illegally used ANY drugs. I’m pleading with this committee to lead the way and show courage on this issue. The state legislatures around the country need your guidance on this issue that touches so many lives and has already been shown to save countless lives of children that I know with various seizure disorders. This is an issue that will help the Republican Party show the country that we are prepared for the 21st century, all while maintaining our principles of liberty, states’ rights and healthcare freedom. Additionally, the University of Georgia just released a study showing that if every state would have passed a Medical Cannabis law that it would have saved Medicare Part D over $468 million dollars! As a father who is willing to do anything for his son, I humbly request that you include the following language in the 2016 RNC Platform: We, the Republican National Committee resolve and declare that we support and encourage acceptance and use of “Medical Cannabis” (feel free to use “Medical Cannabis Oil” if you see fit) with the advice, prescription and consent of a duly licensed, trained medical practitioner. We further resolve that we believe the responsibility for an individual’s prescriptive medicinal decisions should lie solely within the relationship between a doctor and a patient/parent with minimal interference from government.”