Letter: Asbell finds opportunities in adversity

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Having known and interacted with Mr. Asbell for approximately seven years now, he has displayed the characteristics of being a strong, diligent leader both in and outside of the workplace.

From being one of the members who spearheaded the efforts to establish THINC College and Career Academy to handling external affairs of Troup County and the surrounding areas for Georgia Power, his thoughts and actions have had an effect on this area and will continue to for many years to come.

Mr. Asbell truly understands the issues that the school system is faced with, such as dwindling graduation rates and low reading proficiency, and has clear, common sense answers to these questions as well as advancing the many things that make our school system great, such as our teachers.

Throughout the years, we have had numerous discussions about his plans to change the traditional school environment and atmosphere to one that promotes greater learning and teaching opportunities, as shown by the creation of THINC.

Personally, I attend LaGrange High School and have witnessed first-hand the troubles that are echoed in the forums and pamphlets that are handed out by both candidates. He understands these problems and has the experience to recognize the problem and develop a smart, strategic method to achieve results.

I have witnessed many school board members get elected and serve their district and community for many years now; however, I have never witnessed someone who has put his or her heart and soul into an election as much as John Asbell.

Troup County Schools have seen many times of peaks and valleys in the past few years. The school board needs a leader that is willing to compromise when compromise is needed and stand firm when it be deemed necessary. Someone who doesn’t flinch in the face of adversity but looks upon it as an opportunity, rather than a mishap.

John Asbell is that person. I have never met a person as excited and more qualified to represent not only District 5 but the whole Troup County. I believe that Troup County schools have the potential to become a world class educational system; but it starts at the top with leaders setting the standard of excellence to new, innovative heights.

Mr. Asbell’s assiduous, results driven, solution-seeking attitude and mindset is what is needed on the school board.

Jon Thomas Fagundes