Letter: Asbell has ability to make effective change

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I look for people I call “champions,” people with passion and wisdom who have the ability to get important things done. In 15 years of partnership building, I’ve never met anyone better at bringing about effective change than John Asbell.

My work has put me in front of 40 different boards of education in Georgia and more than 100 schools. I spend time with elected board members, superintendents, central office administrators, school principals — and especially teachers.

I’ve seen John work with these same people in Troup County many times. He knows that the enemies of education are inflexible bureaucracy, poor policy and wasted money.

He knows that teachers want to be allowed to teach and not threatened by ever-changing whims of “accountability.”

He knows our students want to learn, can learn and want to be given every chance to succeed.

He knows that our community will truly succeed when our schools are at their best.

When I vote for my school board member, I vote for someone with the experience and commitment to help our schools, our teachers and our students be their best. I believe John Asbell is that person for District 5 in Troup County.”

Russ Moore

Founder, CEO, Seamless Education Associates Inc.