RNC: Ohio GOP must be united, Luntz says

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Some of the best undecided voters are in Ohio, according to political consultant Frank Luntz.

The focus group expert said Ohio voters are sophisticated and smart because they know they’re in a swing state.

“If you really want the Republicans to win… America cannot do it unless Ohio does it,” Luntz told members of the Ohio delegation during a Tuesday breakfast event. “It’s not an applause line. It’s meant to shake you up. If you leave here divided, then you have no shot at this.”

He said the “uniter not a divider” message didn’t work in past elections, but it does today.

Luntz also said members of a focus group he conducted in Cleveland said Donald Trump is too harsh, Hilary Clinton is dishonest, and they want someone to tell them why they should vote for them instead of focusing on the negatives of their opponent.


By Staff Reports