Letter: Ferguson needs to try the high road

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Drew Ferguson acquitted himself very well at the July 7 Chamber forum.

He is smooth. He does very well in a public forum. But what of his personal integrity?

I guess if you have enough power it doesn’t matter. I thought it was unfair and dishonest of him in a large glossy brochure to quote his opponent saying, “Shoot police officers.”

Surely voters will not believe it and will note that Drew took the low road in saying that! In his propaganda, Ferguson failed to mention that his opponent had prefaced his remarks by saying, “If you come into my house and kick down my door I will shoot you.”

I believe he also took the low road by running for an office that he had no intention of fulfilling. Deedee Williams wanted to be mayor and made an excellent showing.

If the votes had not been tallied in a neighboring county she may have won. It would have greatly endangered his election for 3rd District congressman.

Nobody must get in the way of this powerhouse as he climbs up the political ladder. It could be scary. I personally cannot support a man I cannot trust. I even mentioned that to him on the night of July 7.

Try the high road, Drew.

Edna Foster