Chief: Thank you for community support

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dear editor:

On behalf of the women and men, sworn and civilian, of the LaGrange Police Department, I want to thank our citizens for the outstanding support demonstrated through numerous baked goods, gift certificates, words of encouragement and other displays of gratitude that they have shared with us over the last month.

During this same period, we have seen turmoil in other jurisdictions between the police and their citizens. It is heartening to know that the LaGrange Police Department enjoys wide support from our community and the neighborhoods we serve.

In the last month numerous individuals, churches, community groups, summer school religious education classes, day camps, business owners and civic groups have approached police officers and praised them and the police department, communicating their appreciation.

At a time when we see polarization in too many cities across our nation — frequently divided by race, economic class, and special interests — it is heartening to know we have the confidence and support of our residents who frequently work with us and work together to address numerous social issues.

To those of us who work in public safety, community support matters.

Thank you.

Louis M. Dekmar

LaGrange public safety chief