Suspect attempts to break into house

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A family received a scare when someone allegedly attempted to break into their home through the bathroom window just before 11 p.m. Monday.

The incident happened at a home in the 500 block of South Lewis Street.

A woman told LaGrange police her daughter was in the bathroom when she saw a gloved hand on the window and then the top window pane fell out. When the girl screamed, the hand disappeared.

Officers found a cooler on the ground outside next to the window, which they believe the suspect may have used to stand on. Officers checked the neighborhood but did not find any suspects.

Police are investigating.

DUI arrest

One driver found himself in handcuffs after initially being stopped for speeding on Hammett Road near Old Pond Road about 2:20 a.m. Tuesday.

A LaGrange police officer estimated the car was traveling more than 90 miles per hour in an area that is zoned for 30 mph, according to the report.

When the officer approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, he smelled alcohol on the man’s breath, the report said.

The driver performed a field sobriety test and failed, police stated.

Officers arrested the man and searched his car. According to the report, police found an empty bottle of Corona beer under the front passenger seat, a .357 revolver under the driver’s seat, a half-smoked blunt containing marijuana, and three bottles of “blunt blocker,” an air freshener that supposedly masks the smell of marijuana.

The driver was charged with two counts of DUI less safe, reckless driving and failure to stop at stop signs — all misdemeanors.

Three-car collision

A three-car accident blocked traffic at the intersection of South Greenwood and Vernon streets on Monday shortly after 11 a.m.

The occupants of all three vehicles declined medical attention, according to Chris Taylor, a spokesman for the LaGrange Fire Department.

Witnesses said the driver of a white Dodge Ram pick-up truck was traveling west on Vernon Street near the Checkers drive-through when he ran a red light. The truck slammed into the passenger side of a Dodge Stratus sedan that was traveling north on South Greenwood Street to where the road becomes North Greenwood Street.

The truck pushed the Stratus westward into the intersection where it lightly struck another vehicle, a Honda HR-V sport utility vehicle.

The LaGrange Fire Department was conducting a routine fire-safety inspection at the nearby PNC Bank on North Greenwood Street and heard the wreck and responded.

LaGrange police briefly shut down North Greenwood Street between Broad and Vernon streets. The truck had moderate damage to its front bumper, the sedan had extensive damage to its front passenger-side door and the SUV had minor damage to a rear driver-side fender.

Police said the driver of the truck would be cited for running the red light.

A Dodge Stratus is parked in the parking lot of gas station at the corner of North Greenwood and Vernon streets on Tuesday following a three-car wreck. No one was injured. Dodge Stratus is parked in the parking lot of gas station at the corner of North Greenwood and Vernon streets on Tuesday following a three-car wreck. No one was injured.

Tyler H. Jones | Daily News

Tyler H. Jones | Daily News

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