Letter: Library litter a real problem

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 15, 2016

What can be done about the grounds of the LaGrange Memorial Library?

It’s shameful to see the parking area littered with fast food remnants, cigarette butts and even an occasional old tire.

If the public doesn’t respect their public places, whose job is it to to get the grounds in keeping with the library building?

Carole Dickerson


Editor’s note: Keith Schuermann, director of the Troup-Harris Regional Library system, gave the following response.

“The LaGrange Memorial Library recently installed trash receptacles at the main entrance. While this appeared to alleviate the litter situation initially, clearly more needs to be done. To this end, we will purchase additional receptacles for the parking areas, to encourage proper disposal of trash. In addition, the library’s management team and staff will expand our daily walk around activities on the outside of the building, and will be proactive in enforcing our campus-wide no smoking policy.

Thank you for expressing your concerns, and for your interest in making the LaGrange Memorial Library a more pleasant place for all of our users to enjoy.”