Letter: There’s something strange going on …

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

For the past six years I have been one of the greatest advocates for private schools. My first grandchild moved into a private school six years ago and the other two soon followed. I have opposed each E-SPLOST, supported school vouchers and felt that the return on investment at public schools was a total waste of tax payers money.

Yielding to pressure from other family members I agreed to let two of the grand kids try public school. Some people never learn and this was one way I could teach them that I was right. My feelings were they would try it for a semester, my point would be proven and we could move away from this nonsense.

One of my grandchildren is a freshman — or should I say fresh woman to be politically correct, no, that doesn’t sound right — at Troup High School. I am here to tell you there is something strange going on at Troup High. When we drop her off in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon the teachers are outside waving, holding signs and welcoming the students. They even have this slogan, “Welcome Home.” You know, I know they know that I am watching them.

The students enter and exit the school in an orderly manner. Academically, the curriculum is as challenging as the private schools, the teachers are excited about teaching and the students are excited about learning.

I tell you, something strange is going on. You think maybe they are doing all of this to prove me wrong? Maybe some type of conspiracy with my family members to prove me wrong?

I was even invited, with others, to a get together one morning to tour the school and listen to the principal explain their approach and mission. I watched the students change classes in an orderly manner with smiles on their faces. You think maybe the students are in on it also?

The principal said they wanted to reach out to all students and that they offer a multitude of academic pathways for all learners to ensure that they meet the needs of all students. Their CTAE program currently has six nationally industry-certified pathways. They strive to create an environment where each and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve his/her individual success.

You mean to tell me that they are actually interested in the students being successful? I thought they just wanted to draw a check and pray for summer recess to arrive. Could I be wrong? No, surely not I, and if I were I would have a hard time admitting it. I tell you there is something strange going on there.

They have another slogan, “BelieveinTHS.” They believe in the students and the students believe they can achieve their dreams.

They invited me to check out their Facebook page and see what is happening at Troup High. You think maybe the FB folks are in on this conspiracy to prove me wrong? Yes, there is something strange going on.

Teachers teaching, students learning and all of them believing. If I am not careful I am going to start believing.

I am not quiet ready to throw in the towel and admit that I am wrong. Maybe I misunderstood their mission.

Notice that I didn’t say I was wrong.

I will concede that something strange, something positive, is going on. Take a little time and check out Troup High on FB and if you like you can even go out on Friday mornings and check out what’s happening in the school. Heck, they’ll even give you donuts and coffee.

Strange I tell you, absolutely strange.

John Hart