Scammer threatens to drain bank accounts

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 30, 2016

A scammer threatened to drain a woman’s bank account Wednesday if she didn’t send him $2,000 in iTunes gift cards, according to a police report.

The woman told the police the scammer called and claimed to be with a company that had installed a faulty software program on her computer that might have infected it with viruses. The scammer had the woman install a program he said would allow him access to her computer. He said the aforementioned program was faulty and the company would refund her $299.

The scammer had her sign into her online banking account and the scammer said he accidentally deposited $2,299 and unsuccessfully tried to withdraw the $2,000 overage. The scammer told the woman since he couldn’t withdraw the extra money, she should go to a store and buy eight $250 iTunes cards and send them to him.

The woman couldn’t find the gift cards at the store, and when she told the scammer, he threatened to take all the money in her checking and savings accounts. She refused and the scammer pulled up a window on her computer showing her account balances at zero and locked her computer, so she called police.

An officer checked with her bank, which said no deposits or withdrawals had been made, but they put a hold on her account to prevent any fraud. The officer also advised her to have a technician check her computer to remove any malicious software from the scammer.

Thefts, burglaries

• A LaGrange High School student said someone took his $300 green iPhone 5C phone from his desk Wednesday after he left class briefly.

• A burglar entered an apartment at Sun Ridge Apartments on Hogansville Road and took a Tart brand purse valued at $500 containing several pieces of jewelry valued at $3,000 and $1,000 cash on Wednesday.

• A resident of Tall Pines Apartments at 150 Turner St. reported early Thursday someone broke into his apartment and stole a class ring that had his name on it valued at $150 and a gold ring with diamonds valued at $20.

• Two women used $800 in what were later discovered to be fake travelers checks to buy merchandise from Walmart on New Franklin Road on Thursday.

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