Letter: Globalism only sounds good

Published 11:55 pm Sunday, December 11, 2016

Globalism sure sounds good. One world, one humanity. No borders. No wars. A universal spirit of togetherness in which everyone has a sense of belonging to the brotherhood of man. Halleluiah! Unfortunately, this form of utopia exists only in dreams and in well manipulated novels.


The idea of nations and cultures is not something created by anthropologists or political scientists. As civilization evolved people naturally gathered in groups. These groups spoke a common language, had similar values, shared common rituals and religions, and shared a common geography.  No one planned it, but groups evolved into Teutons, Slavs, Celts, Persians, Indians, Asians and a variety of other ethno-linguistic groups. As these groups continued to evolve, they became nations with languages and cultures that turned out to be rather unique. While Spaniards, Italians and Romanians have similarities, they are different and they tend to be pleased or even proud of the differences. This arrangement has existed for thousands of years.


Along come the Globalists. They will eliminate borders and strive for an open society where people are not inhibited by national differences. It is intended to be an integration of regional economies, societies and cultures into a one-world concept. Only this does not work. It is an unnatural manipulation of people groups.


The United States is founded on a few fundamental beliefs. Among those are that rights come from God and are not parceled out by government. This is fairly unique in the world. There is a further belief in America that individual liberty is important and even essential for a nation and a people to thrive.


With this in mind, how would globalism impact the United States? Complications arise in a global society that is anathema to the American ethos.  In a global society there would be global agricultural and economic policies. There would be a need for a common currency and a free movement of the labor force. How would this be managed? By a bureaucracy, of course. Hence, individual liberty and decision-making would be sacrificed to a bureaucratic administration or a world government. In this entire mix, no one has figured a way to control the normal human desire to improve one’s circumstance. So, who gets to “feather one’s own nest?” Why, the bureaucrats, of course. Ergo, we end up with a dictatorship by the bureaucracy. Gone are individual rights and the entire idea of liberty.


We need to remember that wonderful world created by the USSR. It had much of the globalist concept about it. Communism made everyone equal, except for those who ran everything (the bureaucrats).  They lived in a country dacha or a villa and drove luxury cars while the average person lived 15 people to an apartment and walked.


In its desire to create a better world, globalism would create chaos for the majority and luxury for the few. Over the last 240 years the United States has proven that individual rights, liberty and the freedom to build have developed a society that is the envy of the world. Globalism will provide another opportunity for a few to feather their nests while the majority will be relegated to be only what they are “allowed” to be. This is a natural extension of the progressive model. It says that most people are not equipped to manage their lives. That task should be handled by a few experts  –  elitists. Rather than tearing down America to create a global world that will reduce freedom, let’s spread the concept of individual liberty and free enterprise to all those who are willing to accept it.


Ford McLain