Woman punches officer while being arrested

Published 6:45 am Thursday, December 22, 2016

By Melanie Ruberti




Woman punches officer while being arrested


Public Safety Reports



A LaGrange police officer took two hits to the face while attempting to arrest a woman wanted for probation violations in the 100 block of Revis Street about 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday.


As the officer tried to place the woman in handcuffs, she allegedly attempted to get away by flailing her arms around her body, the report stated.


The woman, identified as Miranda Yolanda Reed, 40, reportedly struck the officer in the face twice before reasonable force was used to bring her to the ground, according to the police report.


She was immediately arrested. No one was seriously hurt in the incident, the report stated.


LPD officers also found a clear, plastic baggie in the woman’s jacket that contained suspected cocaine, the report said.


Reed was charged with possession of cocaine (felony) and obstruction of an officer.



Woman arrested for refusing to sign tickets


A driver found herself in handcuffs after being pulled over for speeding and refusing to sign the traffic ticket about 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.


A LaGrange police officer stopped the woman in the 100 block of Lafayette Court for allegedly traveling 15 miles over the speed limit along Hammett Road, the report stated.


When the officer looked inside the woman’s car, he also noticed two young children allegedly not wearing seat belts or riding in safety seats, according to the report.


The officer cited the woman for speeding and failing to use a child safety seat, the report stated.


The driver refused to sign the citations and at one point reportedly attempted to roll up her window and close the door on the LPD officer, the report read.


The woman was arrested after 10 minutes of the officer repeatedly asking her to sign the citations, according to the report. She was taken to the Troup County Jail.

All information in this report is gathered from official law enforcement and public safety reports and releases. It is the policy of the Daily News to list the names of people charged with felonies.

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