Construction on tap at Long Cane Middle School

Published 12:37 pm Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The Troup County School System will rent 10 mobile classrooms for six months (January-June) to house students during HVAC renovations.

Temporary classrooms will be provided by the Mobile Modular Management Corporation for the total amount of $111,817.80, to rent the units.

“The project is to accommodate the construction process,” said Assistant Superintendent, Vice President of Operations, John Radcliffe. “All the ceilings have to come down in different areas and were doing one wing at a time. We’re going to move 10 classrooms out of each wing and out into the mobiles we have on site, so we can accommodate construction.”

Radcliffe said that the Troup County School System is using standard practice with students while they are attending school during construction periods and that it was a must to move the students in order to properly complete the construction.

“We were heading down this curve back when we were working with the architects on how the project was going to unfold, so we contacted a couple different mobile units and Mobile Modular does this all over the state,” said Radcliffe.

The project is so large that starting it and finishing it all in the summer would not be sufficient of enough time to complete it. A full six months is needed to get the construction done.

“It’s been no problem at all,” said Radcliffe, referring to how the transition has been like for the staff, teachers and students at Long Cane Middle School. “The portables all are on site right now and were just waiting for Diverse Power to hook up the power polls in them. I’ve heard from Mr. Giles (Long Cane Middle School Principal Hugh Giles III) that the transition has been nothing but positive.”

Torrance Construction is the general contractor for Long Cane Middle School in this HVAC project, with the contract sum being $4,252,030.00. Funding will also come from the Georgia Department of Education Capital Outlay Funds and SPLOST.


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