Raptors, vultures charm children at library

Published 10:00 am Thursday, January 19, 2017

LaGRANGE – The imaginations of local children and parents alike took flight on Tuesday with the introduction of six birds at the LaGrange Memorial Library.

The library played host to the LaGrange Sierra Club’s latest event on Tuesday, where Dale Arrowood of “Winged Ambassadors” impressed the crowd with six trained birds and details about what they are like in the wild. Arrowood worked at Callaway Gardens for years training birds before setting out on his own and founding “Winged Ambassadors,” which helps people to recognize birds that live as close as their backyard or as far as on the other side of the globe.

True to the Sierra Club’s mission, Arrowood discussed the importance of protecting birds and their habitats at the event.

“We’ve come so close so many, many times to losing species that didn’t need to be lost, such as our national symbol (the bald eagle),” said Arrowood. “That is our posterchild of the national endangered species enactment.”

Arrowood regularly works with an eagle when he speaks to groups, but his eagle was unable to be there for Tuesday night’s event. The event did however feature an Egyptian falcon, a vulture, a Eurasian eagle owl and more.

To learn more about the LaGrange Sierra Club’s upcoming events, visit them on Facebook. To learn more about “Winged Ambassadors” visit wingedambassadors.org.

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