City Council discussion hits a speed bump

Published 10:00 am Friday, February 17, 2017

LaGRANGE – With the annual Meetings with the Mayor only having just finished, LaGrange City Council still was interested to hear community input that could help further improve the community.

The city council heard a concern during its regular work session on Tuesday regarding a speed hump that has been causing a resident problems on Pineywoods Drive.

“When the city installed (the speed bump) some years ago, they put in a glide table, and that worked really well for the sake of having a man-made obstruction… but you could glide over it like the ones on Waverley Way,” said Dan Cook. “… In the process of doing the work (on Pineywoods Drive several years ago) the glide table was taken down for the work to be done, and then the repaving of it.”

The speed table was replaced with a hump that according to Cook is impossible to go over without coming to a complete stop – sometimes for each set of wheels – first.  Cook respectfully asked that the council consider replacing the hump with a glide table like the one that was in that location previously. The council discussed possible solutions and the possibility of looking into the cost of returning the speed bump to a glide table, but simpler suggestions were also considered.

“If it is just a matter of repairing the hump to make it less damaging to the car, that is probably something that the street department can do,” said Mayor Jim Thornton. “If they get ready to take it out, they will probably want to get input from the neighborhood as well.”

The LaGrange City Council is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 5:30 p.m. at 208 Ridley Ave.

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