Neighbor: Julianne Lynn Skipper

Published 7:48 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2017

By Melanie Ruberti

The Daily News’ weekly ‘Neighbors’ series features one person from LaGrange and the surrounding area. This week we sought out LaGrange native Julianne Lynn Skipper. Once an Assistant District Attorney, Skipper switched sides in the courtroom and worked in the public defender’s office. Now, she has her own private practice.

LaGrange Daily News: How long have you lived in LaGrange / Troup County?

Julianne Lynn Skipper: “I was born and raised in LaGrange and only left for college and law school.”

LDN: Where did you attend high school and college? What did you study?

Skipper: “I graduated in 1991 from LaGrange High School, from The University of Georgia with a degree in history and a minor in political science in 1995 and from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in 1998.”

LDN: Tell us about your family.

Skipper: “I am married to an incredible man, Billy Skipper, who I went to high school with and reconnected with a couple of years ago. I have two amazing girls – Holly, 12, and in 7th grade at Gardner Newman Middle School and Susannah, 10, and in 5th grade at Hollis Hand Elementary School.”

LDN: What do you do for a living?

Skipper: “I am lawyer with a private practice in downtown LaGrange. We recently located to a bigger office which is located at 106 Main Street.

“I began my career as an Assistant District Attorney and learned a lot in that capacity. I then worked for Judge Jack Kirby in the Solicitor's Office. After working at the public defender’s office and in private practice with another lawyer, I opened my own firm in April of 2015.”

LDN: Why did you decide to switch from being a prosecutor to a defense attorney?

Skipper: “I switched to being a criminal defense attorney some years ago at a time when I wanted to help people beyond what the State can do. I truly believe this is my calling: to advise and council people – and be there for them beyond the practice of law.”

LDN: What do you like most about your job?

Skipper: “…what I like most about my job, simply put, is helping people. Whatever their issue is, I can advise them and help them better their life.”

LDN: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Skipper: “This is also the most challenging aspect of my job. It is often hard to help those who are unable to help themselves, and I am often met with some resistance. But we are usually able to get creative and power through it.”

LDN: What do you like to do in your off time?

Skipper: “My hobbies and interests center around my girls. Holly is an athlete and plays several different sports, primarily travel softball.

“Susannah is a competitive dancer at Techniques School of Dance. So, most of my time is spent at games or dance competitions with my girls, and I wouldn’t change a thing. In my free time, I enjoy relaxing with my husband.”

LDN: Are you involved in any other organizations, clubs, civic groups?

Skipper: “We are members of First United Methodist Church of LaGrange and are active in their congregation.”

LDN: What do you like most about LaGrange / Troup County?

Skipper: “Our family enjoys LaGrange and Troup County because of the many opportunities that are offered, whether cultural or athletic.”

LDN: What do you hope for the future?

Skipper: “My hope is to make a difference in somebody's life: to better their situation or at least give them a better outlook on life. It’s a way to return the many blessings that have been given to me.”

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