Semi driver damages restaurant’s landscape

Published 8:00 am Saturday, May 20, 2017

By Melanie Ruberti

Public Safety Reports

An employee of a landscaping business told LaGrange Police a man driving a tractor trailer damaged the lawn in front of McDonald’s at 2408 Whitesville Road.

The man reportedly drove up onto a curb and into the grass, according to officers.

The employee did get the driver’s name and number.


Identity fraud

A man discovered someone wrote a check using his bank account number.

The victim told LaGrange police his wife noticed the fraudulent check while looking at their account online. It was made out to a grocery store for more than $144.

The man also remembered he last used his checking account to pay some bills in March, the report said. But he was contacted a few weeks later and told the payments never made it to their destination.

The victim told police he believed someone stole the payments out of his mailbox.

Police are investigating.

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