Part of Pine Mountain could enter Troup County

Published 9:22 pm Friday, June 2, 2017

LaGRANGE – Developers are considering a development on Troup County land that, if everything is approved, would make at least that section of Pine Mountain part of Troup County.

The plans for the development are still in the early stages, but the proposed DASH development would be a subdivision similar to LaGrange’s Tucker Cottages on a piece of land in Troup County. The property would need to become part of the City of Pine Mountain in order to ensure utility services, but the land would still be in Troup County. This would be the first time that any part of the city of Pine Mountain would be included within Troup County.

“We have been talking to DASH and the city of Pine Mountain, and there  is a 40.25 acre parcel of property that is on Highway 27, right outside the Pine Mountain city limits (which is) in Harris

County – (the parcel) is in Troup County across the street from Dollar General,” County Planner Tracie Hadaway said.

“Pine Mountain has been working with DASH, and they’ve spoken to us about a housing development on that property.”

The property already has the correct zoning for the type of homes that have been proposed for the location, aside from the need to become part of the city for utility purposes. The development also matches Troup County’s future land use map, which means it is what the county believes that area needs most.

“DASH recognizes the need for decent rental housing that is affordable for working-class families in Troup County,” DASH Executive Director Marie McNally said in an e-mail. “This property is strategically located on a major highway just minutes away from many employment opportunities found in the LaGrange area and limitless recreation at Callaway Gardens.  Additionally, the property is less than 9 miles from I-185 and provides easy access to the two largest cities in Georgia: Atlanta and Columbus.”

The developer has applied for tax credit for the development, and whether the credit is awarded may affect if the subdivision is built.

“This development is contingent on the developer getting the tax credit,” Commission Chairman Patrick Crews said. “… It is probably also subject to the City of Pine Mountain providing those services to this development because they are going to need water and sewer.”

Troup County does not provide utility services, and the City of Pine Mountain typically does not provide utilities to addresses outside its city limits. Pine Mountain is currently in Harris County and Merriweather County, so if the property does become part of the City of Pine Mountain, the city would straddle three counties.

“It would be the same as West Point,” Hadaway said. “They (the City of Pine Mountain) would be providing water and sewer, emergency services to those residents in Troup County, although they would still be Troup County residents.”

Troup County Commissioners questioned if the change would affect other areas like Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax funds, but those details were not available at this time.

The City of Pine Mountain could not be reached for comment on the development by press time on Friday.